KONINKLIJKE STERRENWACHT VAN BELGIE, Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) has been included as new partner in ATMOP project to include the expertise of Mr. Matthieu Kretzchmar on solar physics and EUV irradiance modelling, as well as the LYRA irradiance data to the project. He will collaborate with CNRS on the nowcast and forecast of the solar EUV flux in WP2.

ATMOP splinter at ESWW10

During 10th European Space Weather Week, the ATMOP team will hold a splinter meeting to summarise the project objects and achievements.

We wait you all on Friday 22nd November, at 13:30, more information at http://www.stce.be/esww10/splinters/atmop.php

New DTM 2013 model released

Updated DTM model has been released and it is available through the ATMOP Web interface. You can now download the updated model or run it through the web site.

ATMOP at Fall AGU meeting

Two papers relateed to ATMOP activities have been acceepted for the fall AGU meeting: 

  • Synoptic radio observations as proxies for upper atmospheric modelling , by T. Dudok de Wit & S. Bruinsma & K. Shibasaki 
  • Making of solar irradiance composite records out of multiple observations (invited), by T. Dudok de Wit & M. Schoell 

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